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A solo RPG about a forest fire, where you allow the old to be burned away to make room for the new. Based off of A Burning Hill, by Mitski.

CategoryPhysical game
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Tagssolo-ttrpg, Tabletop role-playing game


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This is phenomenal. Absolutely incredible atmosphere!


Wonderful, evocative game with transformational RP!

Question for the creator: Was the lack of visuals a choice to promote greater self reflection or just because of a rush on time? Love this game and recommend it either way!


Wow, this game is so beautiful! It's so simple, but so, so powerful. I really appreciate that this game exists, thank you so much for making it!

If you're reading this, please grab this game. It touched me and will surely remain a dear memory for a long time.

I’m still thinking about this game


Thanks for recommending, Logan