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POLYPHONY is a set of games about living in a world governed by a harsh, unbreakable, and unpredictable set of rules, from a number of perspectives of those in this world. Each mini rpg in this set focuses on the perspective of a different group: play as the gods that will set the rules of the world in Apophenia, show your power as fans and change the rules in At Your Mercy and By Your Design, try to understand the world’s history in On The Field, and play as players in the world you have created in All We Know To Do Is Play. Become the gods of your own world, and then see what it looks like to live in the world that you have created.

Polyphony is inspired by the narrative structure and mechanics of Blaseball, and was written for the We Are All Love Blaseball - ROUND 2 game jam. 

 All the games in Polyphony follow the basic rules of classic card games like Solitaire and poker, and are designed to be modular and played in any order, to develop and change the world you are building in the way that makes the most sense to your table. Polyphony contains 5 games in total: Apophenia, All We Know To Do Is Play, At Your Mercy, By Your Design, and On The Field.  Apophenia will generate a Rulebook that is shared between all of the games in this set, and once the Rulebook is generated, games can be played and replayed as many times as the players desire, in whatever order they’d like. Polyphony can be played in one sitting as many of the games are relatively short, or across multiple days, and the same players can play each game or players can switch out and rotate between games. All of these games are GMless, rules light, narratively loose, and built to be broken - Polyphony is a roleplaying game at your mercy.

This game is complete but has not been playtested, and I welcome any critique and feedback. I may also add 2-3 more games on in the future that I wasn't able to quite finish, which will be uploaded as supplementary PDFs for no charge. Thank you for checking out Polyphony, and I hope you enjoy!

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