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You and your crew are LIGHT CHASERS, interstellar sailors on a journey to find something you have been seeking for decades. You are immortal and will not age for reasons you don’t fully understand, and you are so far from home that now, in your endless life the search is all you have. You’ve forgotten what this journey was originally for - what you are looking for, where you are going, even who you are - but you know two things: you trust your Captain, and you must keep searching. Will you reach the thing you seek, or will your engines sputter out somewhere between the stars? Will your hydroponics systems break down, or will you somehow manage to keep the morale of your crew up on your long journey? Will you be able to keep your faith in the mission?    

“Activate your force fields and just keep going,” your Captain has told you.

There is nothing else you can do.

To play JOURNEY TO THE LIGHT you will need 3-7 people, a handful of six-sided dice, index cards, a sheet of paper, and pencils. You may also elect to use any small objects of your choice as physical trackers for ship and character status, though this is not mandatory.

JOURNEY TO THE LIGHT was written for the Record Collection Game Jam 2022, and is inspired by the album Light Chasers by Cloud Cult. You can support Cloud Cult and download this album here!

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